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Draining oil form an ammonia refirgeration system-

When it comes to draining oil, a few very important facts must be remembered:

Oil must be drained from refrigeration systems. Draining oil is a manual operation. There are no automatic oil draining devices. This manual operation, or procedure, should ONLY be performed by a qualified and properly trained operator.

The procedure of draining oil is one of the most common causes of ammonia release and accidents. One reason is because it is often times done by untrained individuals and / or it is done in haste.

Oil draining accidents have led to millions of dollars lost in product damage and medical bills from singular incidents. People who have been overcome by an oil draining procedure that has gone awry have DIED as a result of their exposure. This procedure may well be the single most dangerous function the operator performs on a regular basis. This function may be a plant’s greatest safety risk exposure.

There can be many locations in a system where oil must be drained from periodically. The operator establishes where these locations are and the frequency of the oil draining from each location through his experience.


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